Laird Hamilton — Jet Ski ‘Clowns’ RUINED MY SURFING SPOT!!!

Exclusive 0517-laird-hamilton-tmzLaird Hamilton“s latest surfin” safari was a TOTAL DISASTER … all because greedy jet skiers have overrun and RUINED the Tahitian spot he made famous … the surfing icon tells our sources.

“They are so much more concerned with catching the next wave than with other surfers,” the 49-year-old big-wave pioneer said. “The chaos of the jet skis” movement has a circus-like aspect. Some behaviors were borderline clownish.”

Laird recalls several near-collisions at his famed spot off of Teahupo”o this week … even a few wipeouts caused by wave-grubbing jet skiers thrusting themselves in front of boarders.

“I watched a few surfers go down hard,” he said.

He”s also taking issue with the number of wave-riders taking crazy risks just to capture video …

“They”re all wearing a bunch of cameras, taking off on waves they have NO chance of making,” Laird told us. “They drop in just so they can have a photo of themselves … “Wow, look at me!””

For the uninitiated … back in 2000, Laird became a major name in surfing after dropping into a dangerous monster wave at the Teahupo”o break … forever cementing it as a go-to spot for big-wave surfers.

The irony — he was only able to do it by being towed in … by a jet ski.