Lady Gaga's Final Two V Magazine Covers Revealed

Lady Gaga's Final Two V Magazine Covers Revealed

Fresh off the release of her “Applause” lyric video, Lady Gaga”s third and fourth covers for V Magazine”s Fall 2013 issue finally hit the web!

Not failing to shock the world with her unusual ensemble choices, the Mother Monster dons less clothing than the first and second spread, while adding a bit of glitter to the mix.

In the last portions of her interview with the publication, the “Born This Way” songstress discussed what she hopes her fans will learn from her upcoming album ARTPOP.

“I want them to experience that self-love through creation and in the way that your art can give back to you,” she explains. “That”s ultimately what I care mostly about, our collaborations, and establishing a line… Intellectualism doesn”t also have to be elitist. You don”t have to have money or know people to be smart. I feel that in my heart.”

In addition, Lady Gaga talked about keeping her zen in place and said, “Relaxation is so futile. I understand relaxation in only one way. I”m only relaxed when I”m on stage.”