Lady Gaga Stretches in the Nude for Pre-VMA Photos

Lady Gaga Stretches in the Nude for Pre-VMA Photos

Indulging her penchant for exhibitionism once again, Lady Gaga posed for a series of pictures prior to her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (August 25).

The Just Dance singer teamed with famed photographer Terry Richardson for the spread, taken in her dressing room just before she went onstage.

Gaga did her stretching routine in the buff before adjusting her nose ring, dipping her buttocks in gold dust, and getting a warm-up massage.

Meanwhile, the Twitterverse had some harsh comments following Lady Gagas rendition of Applause, including zingers like, “I once watched my golden retriever get hit by a car. Watching Gaga perform tonight was far worse, and, “Lady Gaga dances like a drunk chicken who hasn”t had sex in two months.”

On the harsher side, Gaga also received tweets like, “Didn”t Madonna do this same exact same performance twenty years ago” and, “I thought Gaga was “born this way.” She certainly didn”t mind having a nose and a chin job.”