Lady Gaga: Ritzy in Berlin

Lady Gaga: Ritzy in Berlin

Showing some love to her loyal German followers, Lady Gaga showed up at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin on Wednesday morning (October 23).

Sporting yet another strange getup/hairdo, the Just Dance singer hid behind a pair of round sunglasses as she pushed past the crowd and headed inside.

Gaga has been locked in a legal battle with former assistant Jennifer ONeill for quite some time, but now it seems the lawsuit has been settled ahead of the scheduled November 4th trial date.

ONeill was suing for unpaid overtime wages, and complained that Lady Gagas demands required that she be on-call 24 hours a day.

However, Gaga declared in her deposition, “You don”t get a schedule. You don”t get a schedule that is like you punch in and you can play … at your desk for four hours and then you punch out at the end of the day. This is when I need you, you”re available.”