Lady Gaga Performs "Gypsy" in Berlin: Watch Here!

Lady Gaga Performs

Giving fans a look at her new album, piece by piece, Lady Gaga performed “Gypsy” at an ARTPOP listening party in Berlin, Germany on Thursday (October 24).

The mustachio”d songstress wore a black brassiere and matching hotpants as she sat at the piano to debut her new tune.

After sitting, the 27-year-old pop star explained, “So I wrote this song when I was traveling around the world. They say that a gypsy doesn”t have a home, but I do have a home. I have a home with you always.”

Earlier this week, Gaga talked about the decision to share much of the album before its November 8th release, tweeting, “I composed ARTPOP to be a full experience, we are releasing all these songs and snippets to give you a more complete picture of the album.” Check out “Gypsy” in the player below.