Lady Gaga Lashes Out After "Applause" Leaked

Lady Gaga Lashes Out After

Taking to Twitter to do some venting, Lady Gaga lashed out at the hackers who leaked portions of her yet to be released single “Applause” this weekend.

On Saturday (August 10), the colorful singer began her rant with Lord, in HEAVEN WHY YOU JUST COULDNT WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY,” before posting again a short time later, tweeting,Now its not that we HATE computer speakers its just theyre not as HQ. We spent time actually making sure it sounds good in sh*t speakers.

On Sunday, the New York native continued her lashing, this time expressing solidarity with fellow singer Katy Perry, whose tune “Roar” was leaked early as well.

Once again taking to the social media site, Gaga tweeted Wanna grab some shovels and f*ck up some hackers @katyperry excited to hear your ROAR, sorry to hear about your truck!

For her part, the “Firework” songstress re-tweeted the ARTPOP creator”s sentiments on her own Twitter page.