Lady Gaga: Colossal Coif at Craig??s Restaurant

Lady Gaga: Colossal Coif at Craig??s Restaurant

Kicking off her week with a gourmet meal out, Lady Gaga showed up at Craigs Restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday night (September 23).

The Just Dance singer rolled down the window of her limousine and waved to fans and shutterbugs as she exited the eatery, showing off her massive fluffy hairdo.

Earlier this month, Lady Gaga revealed her actual hair to the Little Monsters at her iTunes Festival gig in the UK.

She explained that she has survived some really tough times, and used wigs and make-up to cover up the pain.

Gaga added, When I didn”t feel strong enough to be me, I created someone else. And it worked … So here I am, the human underneath the wigs.

Looks like the wigs are back!