La Toya Jackson — I’m HONORED by Russian Swimmers’ MJ Tribute

exclusive 0809_Natalia-Ischenko-and-Svetlana-Romashina_getty
Russia”s INCREDIBLE synchronized swimming team didn”t just blow away the judges with their gold medal-winning Michael Jackson routine this week — they also left a lasting impression on one particular member of the Jackson family.

In case you missed it, the Russian team of Natalia Ischenko and Svetlana Romashina donned MJ-themed bathing suits and performed an amazing routine to the King of Pop”s “They Don”t Care About Us.” The performance eventually helped them land the gold, over Spain.

Their routine was near-perfect — but no one was more impressed than Michael”s sister, La Toya Jackson, who tells our sources, “I”m thankful for the honor that the Olympian swimmers paid to my brother Michael”s memory.”

She adds, “It is so wonderful to see how many global fans he has!”

Yes, global fans who look OUTSTANDING in bathing suits.