L.A. Dodgers Star James Loney — Sued Over Maserati-Smashing Car Crash

Another interesting twist in James Loney“s bizarre Maserati-crashing, eyelid-twitching, super-sweaty, breathalyzer-refusing incident — our sources has learned the L.A. Dodgers star has been sued over one of the cars he allegedly hit that day.

Mid-Century Insurance Company just filed a lawsuit against Loney — claiming the baseball player CAUSED the infamous multi-car wreck in L.A. back in November … and therefore he”s liable for the $30,506.79 worth of damage to a 2008 Mercedes that was banged up in the pile up. 

At the time of the crash, cops said Loney was acting incredibly strange … and blamed the accident on  another driver — telling one officer, “The b*tch hit me from behind.”

Cops said Loney didn”t know what day it was … and spit the mouthpiece of a breathalyzer at a cop when they tried to test him for booze.

Shockingly, Loney”s toxicology tests came back NEGATIVE — and officials decided not to prosecute him over the incident due to insufficient evidence.