L.A. Dodgers — Broken Cameras Are TBS’ Problem … Even If Yasiel Puig’s to Blame


The L.A. Dodgers will NOT pay for the cameras that Yasiel Puig broke during the frenzied Gatorade-fueled celebration after winning the N.L.D.S. last night … and that”s exactly the way TBS wants it, our sources has learned.

Well-placed sources connected with the Dodgers tell our sources, broken cameras are all part of the drill during a celebration.

As one source put it, “TBS would never approach us for that. It”s all part of the celebration.”

Those cameras are nothing to sneeze at — they can run anywhere from $50k to $75k.

What”s more, one well-placed Dodgers source tells our sources … other cameras were broken in the locker room during the champagne celebration and nobody from the outside saw it happen … but no one is complaining.

The cost of doing business … it ain”t always cheap.