L.A. Dodgers AA Team — Is That an Ass Tattoo in Left Field?

exclusive 0827_champys_chicken_tattoo

The Chattanooga Lookouts are a minor league baseball team affiliated with the L.A. Dodgers … they”re also the only team with a picture of a naked man”s tattooed ass hanging in left field.

This photo was taken yesterday at AT&T Field in Tennessee … showing what appears at first glance to be a harmless ad for Champy”s Chicken right near the scoreboard.

Upon closer inspection … turns out the Champy”s logo is actually a tattoo that happens to be located on the right ass cheek of a very big Champy”s fan.

A rep for the restaurant tells our sources … Champy”s gave the ass model $200 in store credit so they could use the shot in their ads.  The credit was all up front … so, the model gets nothing in the back end (rimshot).

We”re told the ad has been up at the stadium all season long and it hasn”t been a distraction … in fact, the Lookouts are currently in 1st place.