L.A. Dodger James Loney — The Maserati-Smashing 911 Call — He 'Tried to Flee the Scene'

has obtained the 911 call placed moments after L.A. Dodgers first baseman James Loney crashed his Maserati into multiple cars last month — and according to the caller, Loney tried to flee the scene.

When asked how many cars were involved — the caller responds, “Possibly seven” … though police claim the accident only involved four, including Loney”s Mas.

The caller claims Loney had “passed out” moments before the accident … and that”s what caused the initial collision. According to the caller, Loney then woke up and attempted to “flee the scene,” accidentally crashing into another car. Thankfully, no one appeared injured.

As we first reported, cops believe Loney was drugged up during the November 14th accident — so they handcuffed him and transported him to a nearby hospital  where the baseball star allegedly refused a breathalyzer … spitting the mouthpiece back at cops.

Cops say they obtained a blood sample to test for drugs — but it came back negative.

Attempts to reach Loney for comment were unsuccessful.