Kylie Jenner Sweet 16 — $150,000 IN GIFT BAGS … Headphones, Makeup, Jewelry

Exclusive Details 0820_kylie_jenner_sweet_16_gift_bags_launch_v2The best part of Kylie Jenner“s Sweet 16 party this weekend LEAVING … because on their way out, 150+ guests received insane parting gifts — in the form of luxury goodie bags valued at over $1000 each — and our sources has pics of the loot.

Kylie rung in the big 1-6 this Saturday at the AT&T Building in L.A. with her family and other celebs — like Drake and Big Sean — and seeing as she”s hitting her peak in life, Kylie naturally pulled out all the stops.

But the parting gifts were the coolest part — the youngest Kardashian family member handed out swag bags filled with 808 headphones, iPod speakers, Kardashian brand makeup, jewelry from her own jewelry line, gift cards, and a bunch of other crap.

Each bag is valued at more than $1000 a pop — and with over 150 guests at the shindig, that”s a big investment in trinkets.

But it probably didn”t come out of Kylie”s pocket — fact is, the Kardashian/Jenner name is such a big deal, vendors undoubtedly donated their stuff for free hoping to get their brands in the press. And congrats, it worked.

Still doesn”t beat hosting your Sweet 16 in your uncle”s friend”s Greek restaurant basement. Opa!