Kylie Jenner Rages Against Paternity-Questioning Tabloid and Cyberbullying

Kylie Jenner Rages Against Paternity-Questioning Tabloid and Cyberbullying

Using the power of social media to get the word out, Kylie Jenner raged against a recent tabloid report claiming that Bruce Jenner is not her biological father.

In a series of tweets, the 15-year-old half-sister of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian expressed her frustration with the allegations. She began by posting, “It sickens me how editors of a magazine can proudly write a story denying that a 15 year old”s father is actually hers. Yes, my father is my father and no my parents aren”t getting a divorce. You guys can”t believe any of these magazines.. It”s all bulls–t.”

Later, she continued, “The divorce stories are getting old. You will all realize in a few months from now my parents are still together lol. And even though I don”t let these stories get to my head.. Imagine you at 15 & someone telling you your father isn”t your father.”

The aspiring model went on, asking, “Shouldn”t this be like illegal,” followed by, “wait.. but you”re ACTUALLY pathetic.. going after a 15 year old and telling her her father isn”t her father.. like WHAT are you insane to who ever took the time to type those words onto that magazine..DO YOU HAVE A HEART”

Finally, Kylie compared the actions to cyberbullying, sharing, “and I”m not taking the time to write all this because this hurts me.. I”m writing this for the other teens my age. we all get cyberbullied unfortunately, some more than others.. i see at least 20 mean things said about me a day and continue to be happy. just trying to show you guys that you aren”t alone.. and to ignore it.. because there is so much more to life.”