Kylie Bipolar

Kylie Bipolar

She has no problem sharing her thoughts on Twitter, but Kylie Jenner may have stepped over the line with her recent comments about a specific mental illness.

On Wednesday (November 6), the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star posted an old pic donning her darker locks and added the caption, “I miss my black hair I”m so bipolar :(.”

Unfortunately, the politically incorrect comment didn”t sit too well with other Twitter users. One observer fired back with, “Kylie Jenner just tweeted “I miss my black I”m so Bipolar :(” . No, you”re not “so Bipolar”, you”re indecisive… and a moron.”

Another wrote, “That was 100% the dumbest and most ignorant use of the word bipolar.”

Miss Jenner has yet to respond to the negative tweets at this time.