Kyle Massey Sues — I Got Screwed Out of Bristol Palin’s Reality Show

Former Disney star Kyle Massey claims he and his brother Christopher CREATED a reality TV show specifically for Bristol Palin … only to get cut out of the project at the last minute … this according to a new lawsuit.

In the suit, filed today in federal court in L.A., the Massey brothers claim they met Bristol on “Dancing with the Stars” … and developed the idea for a show in which the brothers help Palin meet the challenges of child rearing while adjusting to life in L.A.

In fact, the Masseys claim they had even picked out a name for the show — “Helping Hands.”

But according to the suit, a producer named David McKenzie hijacked the project, cut the Masseys out of the show and repackaged the program as “Bristol Palin: Life”s a Tripp” … which is set to premiere tonight on Lifetime.

The Masseys are demanding monetary compensation — claiming they were not properly compensated or credited for creating the show.

Bristol is not listed as a defendant in the lawsuit.