Kristin Cavallari on Baby #2: "We're Working on It"

Kristin Cavallari on Baby #2:

Thrilled with their 1-year-old son, Camden, Kristin Cavallari recently admitted that she and hubby Jay Cutler are already working towards baby #2.

In an interview with WCIU, the former reality star was asked about giving the little guy a sibling to which she replied. “We”re working on it. We”re doing all the necessary things to get pregnant.”

Eager to grow their family, she continued, “It”s funny because before we had Camden, I was like, “Yeah four kids, no problem,” but now I”m like “Jay, it”s a lot of work!””

As for her current plans, Kristin says, “We might have another one and then see how it goes. If it”s a boy, then maybe try for a girl.”