Kristin Cavallari — Cops BUSTED ME in Chicago

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Kristin Cavallari says she was taken into police custody in Chicago this morning — and forced to post bail — and claims it all has to do with her driver”s license.

KC went to Twitter moments ago and said, “Who knew having a California driver”s license in Illinois was a CRIME to be escorted to the police station to post bail!! What a morning.”

The former MTV star — who”s married to Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler — is insinuating that she had the same problem Justin Bieber had in L.A. … when he was cited for not having a valid driver”s license.

In Illinois, you are required to have an IL driver”s license once you have lived in the state for 90 days … or you can be cited.

However, KC says she”s not a full-time IL resident and therefore shouldn”t be subjected to that law. She also tweeted about it saying, “I still have an apartment in LA so I”m a resident of California.”

Story developing …