Kristen Stewart Heads to NYC: Is Robert Pattinson with Her?

Kristen Stewart is busy promoting Snow White and the Huntsman, taking her away from beau, Robert Pattinson, for a little while. The actress is en route to New York City for an interview on The Today Show. It appears as though she has left Rob back in Los Angeles, but the two will undoubtedly be together again very soon.
It will be interesting to see if Kristen brings Robert to the première of SWATH and if he will walk the red carpet with her. This is a huge movie for K-Stew’s career and it seems almost guaranteed that Rob will be there to support her. Kristen attended Rob’s Water for Elephants première but avoided the paparazzi, catching up with her man in a private car after the screening. It won’t be surprising to see the same behavior at the Snow White première; however, fans are hoping that the couple will make their relationship “official” by attending together.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem to be getting a bit more comfortable with their relationship being in the public eye but they haven’t really “let loose” just yet. Do you think the Snow White première will be the place where they finally let go?