Kristen Bell Recalls Her Wedding on "The Tonight Show"

Kristen Bell Recalls Her Wedding on

Revealing all of the details about her laid-back wedding on October 17th, Kristen Bell showed up on the set of Jay Leno”s “Tonight Show.”

Appearing on Thursday”s (November 21) episode of the talk show, the 33-year-old recounted her low-key wedding with Dax Shephard at the Beverly Hills county clerk office, stating that they didn”t bring along anyone to officiate their wedding.

She talked about the situation, saying, “They said, “That”s not how it works,”” she recalled. “And I said, “Check your website. Yes it is,” and they said, “No, you actually have to have someone ordaining you.” I said, “But we don”t, please let us be married now!””

Even though that didn”t fly, Kristen said, “finally someone piped up that was actually in the courthouse and said, “I can marry you right now, if you want.” “We said, “Boom! Let”s do it,” “And we got it over withThen we got sandwiches, and we called it a day! We called that our wedding brunch.” And there you have it!