Kristen Bell "99% Sure" Don Cheadle Isn't Dead After Shooting Near "House of Lies" Set

Kristen Bell

Finding humor in a scary situation, Kristen Bell responded to an incident of real-life gunfire near the set of “House of Lies” in Los Angeles on Friday (November 15).

After shots rang out near the Nickerson Gardens project after the stars had finished shooting, Don Cheadle tweeted, “Holy sh*t, I”m dead (TMZ).”

In response, the 33-year-old actress posted a photo of the two with Don looking inanimate while she sheepishly bites her nail.

Accompanying the pic was the caption, “I am like 99% sure hes not deadwait a min #zombiedon.” According to a statement to Gossip Cop, the actors “were not there at the time of the shooting. They had already moved to another location and were not in danger at any time. Phew.