Kris Jenner??s Sister Karen: Someone??s Been Cheating!

Kris Jenner??s Sister Karen: Someone??s Been Cheating!

Her sister Kris Jenner is one of the biggest names in showbiz, but Karen Houghton says thats no excuse for running around like a hussy.

According to, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch has been running around on her hubby Bruce Jenner.

Karen explained, Kris has admitted to cheating. Its so funny because I could never see a guy cheating on her. Shes so powerful.

She continued, [Bruce is] the nicest guy. I do not believe that [he] has ever cheated on Kris And I dont think he ever will, if they stay together.

For now, theyre just separated, but the Jenners could be headed for divorce court. Bruce will find someone else. But I guarantee you, Kris will find someone in two days. I promise!

Houghton added, I wish she couldve spent a little more time with me in the past few years. But I understand that shes had a business and she had to be busy. My sister is a person who likes to stay really busy, focused, in control, done, done, ABC, you know. And even a little bit anal. But I think thats because when you have situations inside of you that arent filling your complete happiness, theres a hole in you. And I think right now, Kris has that hole in her because of whats going on with the family right now.