Kris Jenner’s Diss On Kris Humphries: I Love ‘Kimye’

The head matriarch gives Kanye the Kardashian seal of approval, but her ex son-in-law the ULTIMATE diss. This was SO uncalled for!

When will Kris Jenner stop trashing Kris Humphries? Enough is enough!

“Kris [Jenner] is thrilled about Kim’s new romance with Kanye,” a source tells “She loves that they’re together and thinks Kanye is a huge step up for Kim after her marriage to Kris Humphries.”

Ouch! Kris Humphries did nothing ill-mannered to Kim Kardashian. It was Kim who fell out of love with Kris — which is fine — but this doesn’t warrant the Kardashian’s continuous disses! And this is twice in one week. Sister Khloe Kardashian, 27, also dissed Kris on Ellen, April 11.

“Dating Kanye puts Kim in a whole new stratosphere,” the source tells Radar. “Kris was just a basketball player making a few million dollars a year, but Kanye is a world-wide multi-millionaire superstar. His money and fame are all going to benefit Kim now and she’s going to have all the perks of being his girlfriend, and her mom thinks this is going to be great for her own career.”

The Kardashian family really needs to keep their mouths shut.