Kris Jenner Talks Life and Love in Fall/Winter Issue of New You

Kris Jenner Talks Life and Love in Fall/Winter Issue of New You

With this week”s announcement that she and husband Bruce Jenner are separated, Kris Jenner is sure to help sell a lot of issues in the October 2013 issue of New You magazine.

The high-powered momager looked great in an all-white outfit on the cover as she opened up about topics including her goals, daytime show, and love.

Highlights from the reality star”s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to New You!

On her Goals: “I always have something in the back of my head, and its not always business-oriented. Todays goal was to plant something in my garden. It makes me really happy to nest, create, and always be changing things up. There have been times when I had no money or no resources to do something like that, so I just keep rearranging the furniture. Ill walk around the room if I dont want to spend money, take all my family photos out of their frames and put new photos in, then put them in different places around the house. Or move the couch another way.”

On her “Kris” Dream Guest: “Karl Lagerfeld. Hes iconic. I admire him so much as a fashion designer, and for what he created with the whole Chanel brand. I would ask him what makes him tick, what gets him up in the morning, where he gets his inspiration.”

On what”s non-negotiable in life: “Love. Love is everything. We go in and out of love in our lifetime. I dont like change even though I love change. I love really hard, and when someone is in my life they are in my life forever.”