Kris Jenner: "Tabloids Will Print Any Lie to Sell a Magazine"

Kris Jenner:

Her family is always the center of a new tabloid rumor, and Kris Jenner is once again speaking out on her opinions of the always-present rumor mill.

In a new interview with the Associated Press, the Kardashians matriarch explains, “Tabloids will print any lie to sell a magazine.

I used to give people I didnt know out there reading this stuff a lot more credit. I used to think, Who would believe this, Jenner adds.

So just what kind of lies is Kris referring to Just in the recent months the momager has been the center of several rumors including that she was on a trial separation from her husband, that she wanted to be Amanda Bynes” manager and that she was “butting heads” with her talk show crew- all of which are false.