Kris Jenner — It’s Knot About Knookie — We’re Just Happier Apart

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Kris Jenner is not looking to bang anyone, nor is Bruce, in the wake of their separation … so says Kris.

Jenner tells our sources … her separation from Bruce was not in the least bit acrimonious … she says she and Bruce still love each other, get along great, work together, talk on the phone 12 times a day, and remain “best friends.”  She says there was no “last straw.”

So that begs the question … Why separate  Kris simply says, “We”re just happier living apart.”

And, she”s neither ruling out divorce or, for that matter, getting back together … “Who knows  We don”t have a crystal ball.”

Kris says she and Bruce were talking yesterday about planning their big, annual XMAS eve party, so “everything is normal.”

As for dating someone else, Kris says, “WE haven”t even discussed.  There hasn”t been a thought or a twinkle.”

As for reports Bruce felt bullied by the women, Kris scoffed and said, “He”s a big boy.  He can more than take care of himself.”