Kris Jenner — Bruce Jenner’s Kids LOVE Me … This Pose Proves It

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The Jenners are one big, happy separated family — and Kris Jenner went out of her way to prove it by taking family pics at home tonight.

Bruce Jenner, along with his sons Brandon and Brody, grinned and posed for a pic with Kris — which she promptly posted on Instagram with the caption, “Another amazing night.”

Momager Kris made no bones about it … the warm and fuzzy moment was engineered as a response to our sources.

As we reported, sources connected to the family say Brody and Brandon have been reconnecting with their father since he separated from Kris and moved to Malibu. We”re also told the boys partially blamed Kris for the fact Bruce neglected them for most of the last 20 years.

Kris” IG caption continued, “Too fun I love you guys!!! Best hearts”

Brody also posted a pic. Eat your heart out Norman Rockefeller.