Kris Humphries — Accused Of Ripping Off Bev Hills Suit Shop


Kris Humphries swindled a Bev Hills suit shop out of thousands of dollars in designer threads … by promising to deliver NBA clients in exchange for a discount … this according to a new lawsuit.

K.H. is being sued by Scott Hill — who claims he was approached by Kris and Kim Kardashian a few years ago in the hopes he would provide clothes for Kris.

0411_kris_humphries_kim_kardashian_splash_sub_dateAccording to the lawsuit, Hill says he struck an interesting deal with Kris — I”ll give you a 30% discount on clothes if you introduce me to at least 2 of your NBA player friends to my store within 12 months.

Hill says the NBA players didn”t even have to buy anything — he just wanted an intro. Easy enough, right

According to Hill”s suit, Kris agreed to the deal … and proceeded to buy more than $46k in merchandise using his massive discount.

Problem is … Hill claims Kris not only failed to deliver on his end of the bargain … but he still owes more than $6k in unpaid suit bills.

Hill”s suing for more than $52k in damages … plus interest. No word back from KH”s camp.