Korn Bass Player — Hebrew Eyelid Tattoo … On My Christian Face

1004_brian_welch_eye_subKorn bass player BrianHeadWelch paid special tribute to the man upstairs — BY TATTOOING A RELIGIOUS WORD IN HEBREW ON HIS FREAKING EYELID!!!

For you non-Jews (or you Jews that can”t read Hebrew) the tattoo says, “Shekhinah” — which essentially translates to mean God”s presence on Earth.

… at least, that”s what we think it means (sorry, it”s Friday so our rabbis aren”t picking up their phones).

Head — who”s a well known follower of the Christian faith — posted the pic online today … and apologized to his parents for getting such an extreme tattoo.

1004_brian_welch_gettyHead joins Hollywood”s elite celebrity face-tattoo club — alongside people like Mike Tyson, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and the Game.