Kobe Bryant SETTLES With Mother In Memorabilia Suit

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Kobe Bryant has ended his legal war with his mother … settling the lawsuit over his basketball memorabilia.

As our sources reported  … Kobe went after his mother for trying to auction off jerseys, rings, trophies and scores of other items.  Pamela Bryant claimed her son gave her the stuff, but Kobe claimed she was full of it and she was just pissed because he wouldn”t buy her an expensive house in Vegas.

Now Pamela and Kobe”s dad agreed to issue a letter of apology to the Lakers” star, according to ESPN.  In return Kobe agreed to let Pamela sell off just under 10% of the items.

So the legal issue is now resolved.  As for family relations, we”re guessing that”s a whole other Oprah.