Kobe Bryant — I’m No Dennis Rodman … I’d Never Go to North Korea

Guess Kim Jong Un just isn”t a Lakers fan … “cause Kobe Bryant claims he was NEVER approached by the North Korean dictator to come visit … a la Dennis Rodman.

Bryant appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and talked about the missile crisis … saying, “You know it’s a crazy world … I mean, our President is a Chicago Bulls fan. Dennis obviously has great history with that and North Korea.”

He added, “I mean, I think we are all just as shocked as everybody is here about that … but it’s a weird world.”

When asked if KJU ever reached out to him, Kobe replied, “No, I haven”t heard anything yet.”

And then came the zinger … when Jimmy asked if Kobe would consider heading over to N. Korea if called upon.

Kobe: “Yeah, I would probably pass, I’d probably pass.”
Jimmy: “Oh, for once you are passing!”