Kobe Bryant — Chinese BBall Superior To NBA — ‘They Let You Play Over There’

Kobe Bryant has Chinese envy — at least when it comes to basketball — claiming the rules in the Far East make it a real man’s game … because “out here, you can’t even touch a motherf**ker.”

Kobe”s diss to the NBA came during a candid moment in Vegas with Floyd Mayweather earlier this week … when the two began talking about the differences between basketball in China vs. the NBA.

“They let you play over there,” Kobe said … adding, “out here they change the rules up and sh*t. You can’t even touch a motherf**ker. You can’t touch a n***a.”

Kinda strange coming from Kobe … considering he has a reputation for begging NBA refs for calls.

Calls to China … weren’t made (c”mon, international calls ain”t cheap!)