Kobe Bryant Auction — Mom Makes a KILLING Hocking Kobe Memorabilia

No wonder she fought so hard … Kobe Bryant“s mother raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars selling her superstar son”s stuff.

As our sources reported …Kobe and his mom Pamela Bryant fought an epic battle — when she tried to auction off a bunch of his sports memorabilia — Kobe even sued her to block the sale.  The two struck a deal — the NBA star allowed her to sell around 10% of the treasure trove.

Well the auction ended Friday night … and Kobe”s old junk fetched a pretty penny — 6 figures in all.

— 2000 NBA L.A. Lakers Championship ring:  $165,889.80
— 2000 All Star ring:  $52,854
— Kobe”s used H.S. Uniform: $48,048.15
— Kobe”s used Lakers jersey: $7,938.45 (less than the H.S. jersey, shockingly)
— Kobe American Flag Adidas Sneakers: $7,216.25

A lot more was sold.  All in all the items raked in $450,000.

Sort of makes up for that whole “Kobe never bought me a house in Vegas thing” huh