Kirstie Alley Sings Miley Cyrus?? Praises

Kirstie Alley Sings Miley Cyrus?? Praises

She raised eyebrows by declaring that Matt Lauer was definitely not sexual on Mondays Today show, and Miley Cyrus is once again on the receiving end of criticism.

However, Kirstie Alley truly appreciated Cyrus sentiments and her ability to coast past Lauers question as to whether her new racy image was just a phase.

Alley tweeted, God I love @MileyCyrus !! Matt Lauer tryin to trip her up on Today Show she aint buyin it.

When morning show hosts ask the hard questions it simply means Im gonna be an a**hole now to try & make U look like a fool. U the Fools.

Kirstie added, have all u old Fs forgotten what it looks & feels like to be YOUNG Stop acting like U didnt get turned on by Elvis air grinding his ween.