King Albert II of Belgium expected to abdicate

King Albert II of Belgium expected to abdicate
The King of Belgium is expected to announce his abdication on Wednesday evening after months of speculation that he might step down from the throne.

Just a month after his 79th birthday, King Albert II is expected to make an announcement which will be broadcast on Belgium’s principal TV and radio stations that he will abdicate on 21 July.

“The core council of ministers has convened in the presence of the King. The King will speak to the people at 1800 (12:00 p.m. EDT) via a radio and television address,” the palace said in a statement.


Local news sites have reported that the sovereign will step down after just shy of 20 years on the throne. His announcement comes one day after his and Queen Paola of Belgium’s 54th wedding anniversary.

Following the King’s announcement, Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo will address the nation.

Albert’s son Crown Prince Philippe, 53, is next in line to the throne.


In May, rumours began to swirl that the monarch might abdicate. If he does renounce his position on 21 July, it will coincide with the small country’s National Day.

Reports have also suggested a date for Philippe’s inauguration – 15 November, also known as King’s Feast Day in Belgium.

As well as Philippe, Albert and Paola are also parents to Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid.


King Albert II ascended to the throne in 1993, following the death of his older brother, King Baudouin. It was assumed that Baudouin’s nephew Prince Philippe would ascend the throne. Baudouin never had children of his own, and Philippe had been groomed as the heir apparent since birth.

However, due to due problems arising from the country’s linguistic and religious differences, it was decided a more experienced hand was called for.

Parliament named the King’s brother, the more politically experienced Prince Albert of Liege, his successor.