Kim"s ex Kris expected to skip compulsory divorce meeting

The chances of Kim Kardashian“s ex Kris Humphries appearing at an LA court on Friday morning to agree a resolution in their divorce case are slim.

The baseball star was spotted in New York in the early hours of Friday morning meaning that he is unlikely to turn up to the 8:30am compulsory settlement conference, it is being reported.

The former couple are due to appear at the meeting to try and agree a resolution to avoid a trial. But even if Kris does show up, commentators say it is highly unlikely that the high-profile divorce will not go to trial.

Kris”s lawyers reportedly plan to force Kim to admit that some scenes from her Keeping Up With The Kardashians show were staged to make him look bad during the trial.

Producers and television executives are listed among the witnesses for the pair”s trial. Producer Jay Russell has already admitted that at least two scenes were “scripted, reshot or edited” to portray the basketball star in a negative light.

One particular scene that will be analysed is when 32-year-old Kim tells her manager and mum Kris Jenner that she wanted a divorce after 72 days of being married while on a trip to Dubai.

It was later revealed that the scene was shot in an LA studio after Kim had  filed for divorce.

Kim”s estranged husband Kris, 28, is seeking an annulment of their marriage, claiming it was based on fraud. His previous lawyer reportedly quit because he did not think there was enough evidence to back the claim.

Members of the Humphries family have openly slammed his short-lived marriage to the fashion designer as a “sham”.

The middle Kardashian sister, who is expecting rapper Kanye West“s baby in July, wants a judge to enter a divorce judgment instead and has denied accusations that she married Kris for the sake of her reality show.

If the marriage is annulled, this would mean the couple”s pre-nuptial agreement is no longer legitimate, giving the basketball player free rein to spill the beans on their relationship and shame his ex.

Brooklyn Nets player Kris married Kim at a lavish, star-studded ceremony in 2011.

Should the former couple not settle the case on Friday, their divorce trial will take place on 6 May.