Kim Richards Leaves Rehab

Kyle (left) and Kim Richards
Kim Richards has left rehab and is with her sister Kyle.

“She”s doing okay,” a source tells us of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. “The plan is for her to continue with outpatient therapy. Everyone is hoping for the best.”

This was not the 47-year-old”s first time in rehab. “But every time is a new time, and everyone just hopes this sticks and that she gets the help she needs,” another source told us when Kim sought treatment for alcohol abuse and “other problems” this December.

Kim”s “bizarre behavior” as it played out on the reality show on which she and her sister appear was attributed to her prescription drug use in November, but Kyle has also called her an alcoholic.

And earlier in the season, costar Brandi Glanville accused Kim of being “wasted out of her f—ing mind” during a game-night episode. Kim denied it, and one of the season”s biggest fights ensued.