Kim Kardashian’s Reality Pal — Jacking Up Security After Humphries Threats

Jonathan Cheban
Kardashian pal and “Spin Crowd” star Jonathan Cheban is freaking out … claiming some pissed-off Kris Humphries fanatics want to hurt him — and now, he”s beefing up his security.

See, Cheban threatened to sue Kris for $5 million recently — after the basketball star called him “gay” on TV — and the whole lawsuit thing didn”t sit so well some hotheaded Humphries supporters.

Among the threats Cheban received on Twitter … “Comin to spit on you tomorrow at Dash store … you and Kim are full of crap and trying to ruin Kris”s life.”

Sources close to Jonathan tell … he”s so freaked … he hired a bunch of extra security for an appearance he’s making at Kim”s store today in NYC to promote his jewelry line.

Cheban insists he”s “not gay.”