Kim Kardashian??s Facebook Fake-Out!

Kim Kardashian??s Facebook Fake-Out!

Shes slowly making her way back into the public eye after giving birth to her daughter North West, and Kim Kardashian definitely has a sharp sense of humor.

The Disaster Movie dame posted a photo to her Facebook page of her holding a newborn baby, and for a moment her fans thought she had shared a shot of her own child.

Along with the image, Kim included the caption, Love these precious moments but it turns out the picture was taken years ago when her sister Kourtney Kardashian”s son Mason was born.

One angry reader posted a pretty inflammatory comment- “Enough kim !! We already know this is not ur baby north west !! … U want millions of dollars just to see ur baby C”mom … Ur baby worth that money Cuz i dont think so !!!”

Meanwhile, an insider told press that Kardashian is waiting on a $2 million deal for the first photos. Kim is excited to have the whole world see her baby. However, fiercely protective Kanye West has made it clear that his baby girl isn”t America”s baby.