Kim Kardashian — You Can’t Sue ME … I’m a Hairy Armenian!

Kim Kardashian
is seeking refuge in her hairy Armenian heritage — asking a court to excuse her from a nasty beauty product lawsuit … because she never lied about her fur-removal practices.

Kim just filed new docs in her ongoing legal battle with a beauty company called Radiant — which sued her last November, claiming she”s endorsing a competitor”s hair removal product … by making false claims.

According to Radiant”s lawsuit, Kim falsely claimed TRIA — a home laser hair-removal system — works all over your body … and yields permanent results. (Radiant says it does neither).

Radiant is pissed, claiming Kim”s misleading TRIA endorsement has put their hair-removal product — called no!no! hair — at an unfair disadvantage.

But Kim insists … everything she ever said about TRIA — including how she uses it all over her body — reflected her honest opinions and experiences.

As Kim said under oath, “Being Armenian and hairy, I thought [TRIA] was the perfect product.”

Kim is now asking to be dismissed from the lawsuit.