Kim Kardashian Wants to Step Back a Little Bit After Divorce

From left: Khloe and Kim Kardashian in Australia
For Kim Kardashian, the criticism she”s received since filing for divorce from Kris Humphries is the reality of being a reality star.

“It”s kind of what you get for living your life so publicly,” she said Thursday on Australia”s Sunrise morning show – her first televised interview since the divorce filing. “I get that.”

Not that it”s easy.

“It”s kind of like a double-edged sword because we want to share these great times,” Kardashian, 31, whose divorce came after only 72 days of marriage, said. “But then when you want to kind of have some time for yourself and have some private time, you”re not really allowed to, per se.”

And that”s why Kardashian jumped back to work Wednesday to launch her Australian handbag line, Kardashian Kollection, with sister Khloé in Sydney. Time to herself will come another time, she said.

Just days after news broke of the split, she said she”s not ready to get into the details on why what seemed like a fairy tale didn”t have a happy ending.

Filmed Wedding for Fans”What upsets me most is that there has been, from the start, so many rumors of money and dollar signs,” she said. She understands the scrutiny, “but I think that [it] also just teaches me I kind of want to step back a little bit.”

After all, she added, filming her wedding for TV wasn”t an easy decision. She did it for her fans, she said, because “they want to see it.”

“I can”t really live my life for what people are going to say and not say,” she said. “It”s hurtful, and I certainly didn”t want to disappoint anyone, but first and foremost, I have to follow my heart.”