Kim Kardashian: Treated Badly By Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian: Treated Badly By Kanye West?

They both have strong, passionate personalities and it seems Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be having some relationship issues behind closed doors.

According to an inside source, the Disaster Movie actress family doesnt approve of the way West treats her, and they arent going to stand for it anymore.

The snitch told Radar, The Kardashian family members, particularly Kims mom Kris Jenner, are growing increasingly concerned about how Kanye treats Kim. Kris is also concerned about how Kanye acts around the paparazzi. The Kardashians have made their names off the back off being photographed, but Kanye has a real aversion to it.

The incident in Beverly Hills last Friday when he walked into the street sign was just the latest in a string of issues that have concerned Kris. When they were in Paris, Kanye kept telling the paparazzi to leave him and Kim alone. But as a manager, Kris wants Kim and Kayne to be photographed; its their gig.

Furthermore, Like everyone else, Kims sisters and mom saw the video of Kanye and Kim in Paris. They were more than a little shocked, to say the least! Kris told a friend she couldnt believe that Kanye didnt think it was the right thing for him to do to open the door for a six-month pregnant woman. But Kris has long lamented that its always been all about Kanye and not Kim.

Hes ambivalent about spending time with Kim and the family unit. As everyone knows, the Kardashians are a tight-knit group so it has comes as a shock to everyone that Kanye just doesnt want to spend time with them. When he does, its like hes got eyes on the exit door to make a quick getaway.

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