Kim Kardashian: Testing Friends?? Trust?

Kim Kardashian: Testing Friends?? Trust?

Shes been fiercely guarding her newborn baby North Wests privacy ever since she gave birth on June 15th, and Kim Kardashian supposedly tested her friends with some fake baby photos to see who would leak them to the press.

According to a report, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlet sent decoy images to six of her pals in case any of them tried to sell them.

And TMZ is reporting that theyve already received two of Kims fake pictures, though it hasnt been disclosed if any of her buddies supplied them.

This morning (June 25) Kris Jenner showed up at the Today show to talk about Kim and Kanyes little one, though she wouldnt let Matt Lauer see the photos on her phone.

“I”d have to kill you if I showed you my cell phone. I”m erasing them all right after this. You”ll have to tune in July 15,” joked Jenner, referring to her new talk shows premiere.