Kim Kardashian Settles Old Navy Look-Alike Lawsuit for Big $$$

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Kim Kardashian
has called an end to her war with Old Navy — settling up with the clothing brand for big bucks … after it allegedly used a Kim K look-alike in its advertising last year.

Kim”s lawsuit was dismissed today in L.A. — and sources close to Old Navy tell our sources, the company agreed to pay Kim an undisclosed sum based on her look-alike claims. We”re told both sides are pleased with the settlement, though the exact terms of the deal are undisclosed.

our sources broke the story … Kim sued Old Navy last July for MILLIONS, claiming it intentionally used a look-alike in an effort to dupe the public into thinking Kim was affiliated with the brand.

She kinda had a point too … just take a look at this screengrab from the advertising in question.