Kim Kardashian ‘Seriously Considering’ Becoming Glendale Mayor

Kim Kardashian to be the next Glendale mayor
They laughed when Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California. They scoffed when Arnold Schwarzenegger followed in Reagan”s footsteps. So don”t dismiss us when we tell you … there”s a serious move in Glendale, CA to make Kim Kardashian its mayor — and we know Kim is on board.

Kim made a comment on Khloe and Lamar”s show that she was mulling over the idea of running in the city that is a bastion for Armenians.

But now … several prominent Armenians in Glendale are backing Kim. Former Mayor and current City Councilman Ara Najarian offered to make Kim his Chief of Staff to teach her local politics. What”s more … Artin Sarkissian — a prominent Glendale realtor — has offered to find Kim a home in Glendale.

So our Kim sources tell us KK can”t believe the response she”s getting and she”s “seriously considering” buying a house in Glendale and taking Councilman Najarian up on his offer.

The only thing is — Kim must run for City Council before she”s eligible to become Mayor. Members of the City Council rotate into the position of Mayor — and one thing Kim is good at … rotating.