Kim Kardashian — Khloe Was NOT Fired from ‘X Factor’

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Khloe Kardashian did not go the way of Paula Abdul … and Nicole Scherzinger … and Cheryl Cole … and Steve Jones … and has NOT been 86″d from “X Factor” … this according to Kim Kardashian.

Rumors have been swirling all week long … that “X Factor” honchos didn”t feel Khloe was a good fit for the show and won”t be bringing her back as a co-host next season.

But last night at LAX, Kim told us, “A lot of people say a lot of incorrect things on the daily.”

When we asked what really did happen, Kim said, “Probably nothing.”

Our “X Factor” sources tell us … no decision on Khloe”s fate has been decided at this point … but exec. producer Simon Cowell is definitely thinking about staffing for next season.

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Last season, Khloe didn”t sign on to do the show until the last minute … so, it doesn”t seem like there”s a rush to make the decision right now.