Kim Kardashian & Kanye West — First, Bel Air … THEN THE WORLD!!!

Exclusive 0210_kim_kanye_house_compositeAn $11,000,000 mansion in Bel Air might be enough for some people, but not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West … because our sources has learned they have their sights set on buying THREE other multi-million dollar mansions across the globe.

As our sources first reported, KK and KW plunked down a huge chunk of change to build a 14,000-square-foot pad in an über-private, gated community in Bel Air, CA.

But sources close to the couple tell our sources they aren”t stopping there. We”re told they plan to buy homes in New York, Miami and Paris too — and, no it”s not a coincidence those are all centers of the fashion industry. Also, the Kardashians have DASH stores in all, but Paris.

Kim and Kanye have been in Brazil the last few days, and there are rumors they”re looking to scoop up a home there too — but we”re told that wasn”t the plan … they were just meeting an architect they might hire for their Bel Air pad.

However, our sources say the Brazil trip has been so enjoyable … they”re now open to buying a place there too. 

Must be nice.