Kim Kardashian — I’m Glad Kanye Went After that Photog

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Kim Kardashian is turning into a real bad ass … she”s telling friends she thinks Kanye West was spot on when he lunged and swore at a paparazzo in Bev Hills.

Kim — who is always impervious to the gaggle of photogs who chronicle her every move — thinks Kanye was justified when he bolted out of a restaurant and went all Incredible Hulk on an unsuspecting camera guy.

As you know … Kanye had a close encounter with a metal sign as he walked to 9021PHO, slamming his forehead UFC style with a souvenir that will probably last for a week. 

Kim is telling friends … the paparazzi have become increasingly aggressive with both of them since she became pregnant.  She”s especially upset because on Monday a photog chased her down while she was driving and she had to swerve into another lane to avoid him and almost got into a bad accident.

Bottom line … Kim is encouraging Kanye to take care of business when a photog crosses the line.  The problem with her theory — in the case of the sign, the photogs held their distance and Kanye just didn”t look where he was going.

The truth hurts.