Kim Kardashian Dropped for Dog in Skechers Super Bowl Commercial

French bulldog in new Skechers ad (above); Kim Kardashian (below)
The other shoe has dropped on Kim Kardashian: She”s out, and the dogs are in.

Skechers, which featured the reality star in a sexy ad for Shape-Ups during last year”s Super Bowl, will instead air a spot that features a French bulldog wearing Skechers” GOrun shoes, according to USA Today. The new kicks are part of Skechers” new high-tech line.

“Kim got us more attention than we ever dreamed,” Skechers Fitness president Leonard Armato says. “We have to establish Skechers as more than a lifestyle company.”

The company”s CEO Robert Greenberg added, “While Kim”s contract with Skechers simply came to an end at the end of last year, we continue to have a great relationship with her as we do with all the other talent who have worked with the brand over the years. To say that she was “dropped” or “replaced” is misleading and untrue. Skechers has enjoyed and continues to enjoy the relationship with Kim, and in fact we continue to discuss ways that we may work together in the future.”

In the new ad, the Skechers-wearing Frenchie races a group of greyhounds, but the pup has a long way to go to beat Kardashian at her game. According to Armato, Kardashian helped the brand in a big way, bumping up its Facebook fan count from 100,000 to 400,000.

So who would you rather watch in a Super Bowl commercial Will you miss seeing Kim in her Shape-Ups, or are you excited to have some cuteness during the football game