Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — Baby Blocked in Maternity Ward … By Dwight Howard

Exclusive 0617-howard-kardashian-kanye-west
When Kim Kardashian first arrived to Cedars Sinai to deliver her baby, she didn”t get the fancy celebrity suite she had hoped for “cause they were all in use … and one of the VIP occupants was Dwight Howard“s newest baby mama, our sources has learned.

Sources connected to the births tell us … before Kim went into labor, she had made arrangements to stay in one of the fancy suites at the L.A. hospital. But the baby came 5 weeks early, and the fancy suites were all booked. So Kim was placed in another unit.

But while Kim was laid out in bed, Kanye roamed the maternity ward … and bumped into NBA superstar Dwight Howard, whose lady was giving birth to his child. 

FYI — Dwight”s a seasoned vet when it comes to the maternity ward … he”s reportedly fathered 3 other kids (with 3 different women). 

We”re told Kanye and Dwight got along great … with Yeezy giving Howard a preview of his new album “Yeezus.”

As for Kim … we”re told she”s finally out of the hospital — and mother and the baby are shacked up in a private location.